Friday, January 2, 2009

Black Woman Walking

This is a major peeve of mine, and something that I fight and rage against daily.
On the street harassment from men. In urban areas, it's an albatross that hangs around most women's necks, and can also lead to violence or bodily harm. This is something I experience almost every day, if and when I go outside of my neighborhood (which is pretty civilized - the men where I live don't act like this). These women in this video are actually being a bit soft about it, if you ask me. They are tiptoeing and being careful of what they say about the subject, and how they say it. I need to make a video about this myself, and turn it on full blast. We do not deserve to be treated this way, and somebody needs to pay some serious attention and effort towards putting a stop to it. This video is a good first step.

I personally won't even go into certain neighborhoods and areas because of it. This is no happens to many women, and not just Black ones, every day. It's not because of how we dress. It's not because we ask for this attention. It's not because we deserve it. It's intimidation, oppression, and violence, and no woman should have to be subjected to it.

Black Woman Walking


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