Friday, January 2, 2009

Beware of Buying Domain Names from Yahoo!

I am a domain name buying junkie. I have about 70 of them now, with most having been purchased on Godaddy, and some on other registrars. I bought my first 3 over 5 years ago on, and at that time they were 29.99 on there. Then, along came Godaddy, selling at 8.99 per name, and I found a new love.

Anyways, just to diversify who's holding all my little portfolio shares, I decided to buy a couple names on Yahoo last year. I only paid for a year, knowing I'd renew when the time came up. Well, don't you know that Yahoo jumped the price on their domains from 9.99 to 34.99???!!! I mean, DAMN!!! So, here I am with 6 domain names I purchased on them, and it's time to renew. I am PISSED!!!
I solved the problem by just transferring 4 of them away to Godaddy before they expired, but two that I lost track of and did let expire, I'm just gonna have to lose, because I REFUSE to be so scammed by Yahoo! Lucky for me, those two names aren't majorly important to me....I got out the ones that really mean something, and that I plan to use for business. But, wow, Yahoo, way to treat your customers!
I will never buy anything from them again.
If you're into buying domain names, steer clear of Yahoo. Use Godaddy, Netfirms, Lunar Pages or any other number of sites where you can get your domain names for 9.99 or less. IMO, Yahoo has truly lost its damn mind!


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