Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Luck Marathon Runners!!

Tomorrow is the New York City Marathon (now called the ING New York City Marathon - I guess you can buy anything these days!). I am really excited because one of my friends and gym members will be running in the race tomorrow, and I will be there to cheer her on! I've always wanted to do the marathon, and one of these years when my life slows down a bit, I will. However, preparing for it requires such a disciplined regimen of training and all these different runs in the months leading up to it. I just can't commit to all that at the moment. But hats off and big KUDOS to all those who did and will run tomorrow! God bless 'em! It's gonna be about 40 degrees out there, so I will be sure to layer up, ya know? Should be a real party after the finish, and I will be back with pics!
Good luck to all the runners, and GOOOOO, KERRI!!!


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