Friday, May 15, 2009

An Ode to Gray's Papaya

I don't know if you have this hot dog chain where you are, but in New York, Gray's Papaya has held the distinction of having the tastiest, cheapest, grilled hot dogs in NYC. For years, I have gone to this place, and usually pick up the two hot dogs with a drink special that has always been on the menu. I don't eat hot dogs from any other place in the city, and especially not from hot dog vendors (ewww). Anytime a frank passes through these lips, it was made at one of the many Gray's locations found throughout the city.

Thing is, though, the dogs are getting to be not so cheap anymore! Years and years ago, you could get two franks for $1. Let me tell you, that place with that price was my oasis on many a broke day when I was out and about and wanting to get something to eat on a low budget. Then, they went up to .75 cents a frank. That lasted for a long time.

Imagine my horror when I went the other day, since I just happened to be in the neighborhood on 72nd & Broadway, and discovered that one Gray's Papaya frank is now $1.50!! Oh no, say it ain't so!! Apparently, this recession is hitting everybody, including popular joints like Gray's. They can no longer provide us with the cheapie cheapie franks, because the cost of commercial space has become a real bitch!

Ah, well.... I still bought two. What the hell? It's still worth it, and if that's what we gotta do to keep these guys in business, that's what we'll have to do.
I can't even begin to imagine the southeast corner of 72nd & B'way without good old Gray's Papaya. I will try to do my best to make sure it never happens. Two franks at a time! ;)


iWalk Tuesday, May 26, 2009  

Oh, Hot Dogs!

I dare not eat hot dogs for long time! Though I love them!

Urban Thought Tuesday, June 02, 2009  

Way back when I would eat a hot dog, Gray's would be the #1 choice. The one place that you can always find open for those late night cravings.

vannando Tuesday, June 02, 2009  

great Papaya, yummy..

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