Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Craigslist Killer - Another Sick Puppy

Dang. I was just on here posting about creepy guys on CL offering apartments and rooms in exchange for sex. Adventures on Craigslist have become downright dangerous.
This guy was engaged and in med school. Who would expect someone like that to be a homicidal psychopath?

According to Yahoo News:

"Philip Markoff seemed to have a good life: The handsome, clean-cut, 23-year-old medical student was planning a lavish beachfront wedding this summer to a beautiful woman. But authorities say his computer and surveillance video paint a picture of a suspected serial criminal who targeted women offering erotic services through Craigslist. Now he's accused of killing one and suspected of robbing and tying up another.

And police have said there could be more victims.

"This was a brutal, vicious crime — savage, and it shows Philip Markoff is a man who is willing to take advantage of women, to hurt them, to beat them, to rob them," District Attorney Daniel Conley said Tuesday. "He probably thought he was going to get away with it. He thought he was too smart for us."

Authorities refused to comment on reports that Markoff might have been seeking money to pay gambling debts, but a Connecticut casino confirmed it was cooperating in the investigation.

Markoff, a second-year medical student at Boston University, appeared in court Tuesday on charges including murder, kidnapping and armed robbery. Dressed in a wrinkled button-down shirt and khakis, he said nothing during the brief hearing and was jailed without bail."
Read the rest HERE...

Stay safe, ladies. Stay off of Craigslist!


Anonymous,  Friday, May 15, 2009  

Honestly this is probably just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. In fact most serious crimes never get solved in spite what public officials say.

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