Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dirty Day in New York

Is it my imagination, or is it getting dirtier and grimier here in the Big Apple? It snowed a bit, and after the slight melt off, I couldn't help but to notice that the sidewalks were downright nasty as I walked to and from work today. I made sure (like I always do) to wipe my feet thoroughly on the carpet in our lobby before coming into my apartment. No telling what nasty, slimy horror you've picked up on the bottom of your shoes...

I swear, I know it's never been pristinely clean here, but I don't think it's been like this, either. Trickle down effect of our bad economy, perhaps? I'm guessing that street cleaning would be among the first things to go when they start making those budget cuts...


HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM Tuesday, January 13, 2009  

Look at this!! I found you here! You are a busy woman and this is fabulous.

The Fitness Diva Tuesday, January 13, 2009  

LOL! Thanks, Heidi! You are cracking me up! You are everywhere! ;)

Strongblkwmn Wednesday, January 14, 2009  

I agree with Heidi. You are a busy woman.

I was thinking about how dirty it's looking lately as well. I do know that when it snows sanitation's focus is geared more toward getting rid of the snow and ice.

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