Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Rock!!!

As I type this, I'm still trying to recuperate from last night's "New Year's Eve Eve" party, given by a cool friend of mine. It was a local affair, with my favorite neighbors, who also happen to be my gym peeps.

Me and my crazy friends

Can I just tell you that fitness folks party like it's 1999? I swear, you never saw people just shove food and drinks down their throats with as much reckless abandon as we did! It was just so out of control! We had all manner of food, ranging from Thai, Filipino, Italian and good old American, as well as the usual party platters of veggies and fruit. I think we ignored those last two, though! lol. Except the fruit, which is damn yummy after a few more drinks. I preferred mine in the sangria.
My contribution to the buffet was a huge baked macaroni and cheese.
Yeah, that's a GOOD fitness instructor for ya! ;). I make sure my people get all the calories they need! ;)

The most fun was when we started the drunken karaoke and the craziness began! I love karaoke, cause I'm good at it! lol. I always pick fun songs, though, and not just ones to show off (like SOME people do). We were on the floor laughing, it got so crazy. I do a mean "Like a Virgin", by the way..... ;)

Me and my friend Maryann, striking a "fierce" pose!

Later on we began playing Guitar Hero World Tour (on Playstation 2). Have any of you played this game! OMG!!!! It is SO off the chain AMAZING!!! It's like karaoke, but you perform together as the band. You get to be the singer, the guitarist, the drummer or the bass player, and they have these sensored guitars, and a little mock drum kit that is connected to the game. An incredible song list that you get to recreate with everything from Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, to Nine Inch Nails and beyond! You get to cover these songs, but you have to rock it out, or you get booed off the stage! It is too fun and hilarious! And unlike regular karaoke, you have to work as a unit with your band members, all trying to get the notes right and rock it your hardest.
One of you messes up, it's over! The game stops, and you have to start again.

We had such screaming fun playing this thing, that I'm gonna have to go and buy it!
It's supposed to be available on Wii soon, so that will also give me another excuse to go buy a Wii system. I already want to get one for the boxing and the tennis, so if they put Guitar Hero World Tour on there, you might as well go ahead and call it mine, cause I'll be getting one.

Some of my friends were really good at the guitar, and I was so amazed and also jealous! I can't play guitar at all!
I can sing, but I decided to rock the drums on one song, and I kept messing up! I am dying to practice the guitar parts and drums for some of those songs! If I get this game I bet you I'll be rockin' it at the next party! LOL I can't wait to drive my neighbors crazy practicing for my next gig! :D
Guitar Hero World Tour has such an electric feel and vibe to it, that it's more than just a's an experience! You HAVE to try it!

Anyway, me and my crazy gym friends had a ball, and waking up this morning was an experience, to say the least. It took me half the day to get myself all the way back together....
But it was all worth it. Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a GREAT Rockin' time! Nothing could be better!


Metallman Friday, January 09, 2009  

Hey there. Yup Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour are great party games. We have get togethers with friends just to play. We'll be buzzed up and while playing. It's always a blast. You so need to get one.

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