Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Having a Camera is Cramping My Style!

I swear, since I lost my camera up at Hunter Mountain, life has not been the same! I miss being able to just whip my camera out of my bag at any moment whenever I see something cool or amazing that I want to snap. I'm going to have to go ahead and spring for a new one, because I'm really not happy without one.
Funny thing, though, is that I have a Sony Camcorder that I never take the time to really learn how to fully use. My Sony Cybershot was just so simple and easy to operate, and it took great pics.
I'm too lazy to try to learn this other cam I have. My camcorder takes still pics, too, but I don't want to lug that thing around with me all the time. Also, I can't just plug it into my comp and download the pics quickly, because I can't seem to find the right cable for it. It's also a bit bigger than my old Cybershot, and more expensive. If I ever lost it, I'd really be pissed. That other little digi cam could slip into any little pocket or bag that I had, and I took it with me everywhere. I miss it!
I'm going to have to break out my emergency fund! ;)
This will be my 4th time buying one of these damn things! The Sony Cybershot is a great, easy to use camera, but will go dead on you at any time. And I do mean DEAD.
First one decided to die after my warranty and service agreement ran out.
The second one, I bought on Ebay, and it died about a year later. The last one (which I bought the extended warranty for so I can get a replacement when it dies), I lost while snowboarding. Am I just not meant to have this damn cam?
This will be the last one I buy, I swear!

Hopefully I will have another digital camera in the next couple days. If not, I'm gonna go nuts!


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