Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No More TOP CHEF - Waaaaahhhh!

So, now what am I gonna do? By the way, what the heck was up with Carla shooting herself in the foot for the finale like she did? Talk about the big choke. Not to take anything away from Hosea, who did his thing, but Carla could have taken it. God only knows what made her listen to Casey telling her that it was a good idea to cook a steak in a bag and do a souffle for the last challenge. Have you ever cooked a souffle? Risky as hell! Definitely would not have been my choice! And to cook something in a way you have never done it before..... well, anyway...

So, I'm guessing that a new season of Project Runway is coming up next, and I love that show, too. I love doing my Heidi Klum imitation "you're either in, or you're out" (sorry, you are so missing my on point Heidi accent here in print!). Can't wait to see the new talent they dig up for this go round.

Right now I'm watching "Make Me a Supermodel" with Tyson Beckford and am damn near falling asleep. None of these people look like supermodels in the making if you ask me. Then again, what do I know? But, the girl that won the first season doesn't look like one either. What IS the criteria?? Aren't you supposed to be kick ass like Naomi Campbell or Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's hot as hell baby daddy)? I don't get it at all! Only about 2 out of the 16 look like they should even be there trying to win this. :O
I am about to change channels....

Ooohhh, wait....they're making them strip down and are doing the inch by inch body critique. Okay, after this segment! lol
By the way, no one is perfect, not even these models. Gotta love that! ;)


attygnorris Thursday, March 05, 2009  

Someone say something about Tyson Beckford??? Mmmmm.

These must be cable shows. I haven't seen them, but I do LOVE reality tv. I'll have to check them out online.

I liked the beauties on "True Beauty". Now, that show's gone off to. What will we do??? Luckily, AI is in full swing and Dancing with the Stars starts this week...and they're both on regular tv. There's still hope...


The Fitness Diva Thursday, March 05, 2009  

yeah, Tyson is definitely holding it down over there.
These are all Bravo shows, so yeh, you can only see them on cable!

I will have to check out Dancing with the Stars this go round since I heard that they have Lawrence Taylor on there now. I'm a huge Giants football fan, and remember when LT was the sh*t! He's been through his share of troubles post football, so it will be interesting to see how he's doing these days.

What on earth would we DO without reality television??? :D

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