Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easy Come, Easy Go...

Well, it's all officially over, this 4 way love affair between the Girls Next Door and Hugh Hefner. I have to admit, this show was one of my guilty little pleasures. I first tuned in out of curiosity. A, to see just how this arrangement works, and B, to try to decipher if these girls were faking it or were they really in love with the well known 80 year old Hef. Also, I was curious to see, just how do three women go about sharing one man without jealousy, cat fighting and the occasional trip to the ER?
From there, though, I got pulled in by the girls personalities, and I must admit, living vicariously through them the opulent Playboy Mansion lifestyle. It was all about being sexy all day long, having the most incredible parties right there where you live, meeting all types of celebrities, fabulous trips all over the world, and having every want and desire of yours taken care of, not to mention being waited on hand and foot. And all you had to do was shack up with (and share) this 80 year old famous rich dude! LOL! Well, that definitely would have been the hard part for me, but these girls made it look easy and genuine, even.

But the part that flipped me out a bit was how these girls families made it all seem so 'normal' for their daughters to be living "in sin" with 80 year old Hef, sharing a man, and routinely being seen on TV in all stages of nakedness, and posing for the mag whenever the occasion came up. Hell, these girls even became VIP citizens in their home towns during the Girls Next Door run, making it seem like this really was the thing to aspire to be! Yeah, that's MY daughter!!! I don't know about you, but MY Dad (not to mention my SUPER judgemental Mom) would NOT have been bragging to the neighbors about the whole deal! However, I'm guessing the families were a bit star struck, and also, Hef was helping out a family member or two behind the scenes if needed. Everyone knows that Kendra's mom's plastic surgery makeover was done courtesy of Hef. I'm guessing that a lot of green can go a long way in buying some respect and a closed eye or two!

Well, no matter...it's all over now. Bridget, Holly and Kendra are all moving on. Kendra is now married to NFL player Hank Basket and has her own reality show coming up, Bridget got her own show "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches" (not so great, btw, I caught an episode this past weekend...it won't last), and once Holly figured out that Hef couldn't give her the baby she wants (he's got no "swimmers" left in the old sperm), she quickly changed her future plans and has lately been linked with Criss Angel and is openly available. Wow! What an ending!
You've gotta admit though, these girls made out pretty well sticking with this whole scene for as long as they did. It made them famous, got them more opportunities, and pretty much put them on the map. They're now recognizable anywhere they go! Small price to pay for all that, huh?
Also, now that they no longer have to smile phony smiles for the reality show cameras, all kinds of dirt has come out about the relationship. Kendra mentioned in an interview that she used to sneak out of the mansion to have sex, and that she only had to "go" with Hef once a week. The rumors about her and Holly not getting along have been confirmed, and also the fact that Holly is more about business than she lets on is of course now nakedly obvious! And you thought they all were really in love???? Haaa! I guess Hef wasn't the only one that got taken!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what's next for the girls and how well they swim on their own. Kendra is my favorite, and I think that with her effervescent personality, she will probably be seen popping up in all kinds of things as time goes on. As for Hef, he's gone and gotten himself 19 year old twins to play with. I have to admit, though, on the last episode it was kind of sad watching all the girls say goodbye to him. He looked sad, tired and VERY old. Oh, well.... can't feel TOO sorry for him, right? As long as that man lives and breathes he will have young blonde bunnies lining up to be the next girlfriend installed in the Mansion....for whatever reason. Opportunity abounds at the Playboy Mansion. As long as you're young, blonde, busty, and willing to get naked! Just ask Holly, Kendra and Bridget! ;)


EastCoastLife Thursday, March 19, 2009  

You make the TV programme sound interesting. Now it got me all curious. It is not shown in Singapore. I wonder if it will ever be shown. There is some undesirable content. ;)

Sriram Thursday, March 19, 2009  

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Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

gLoR!e Friday, March 20, 2009  

I'm a bit disappointed in you: as a fitness diva, sticking out a toe like that should be a piece of cake for you, hihi. I read the bunny story... Kendra left Hugh, married a NFL player, that's what I call a fast move to another ball game! Have you mastered some Chinese already? I end up with a wink and an ancient Chinese saying: "The crafty rabbit has three different entrances to its lair". Ni Hao, see you soon, in good shape!

Barako Brew Saturday, March 21, 2009  

"Easy Come, Easy Go" ... That seems like a fitting title. Though Hef would have had a hard time getting it "hard" for sure. :) Well, perhaps not Thrice-a-Week so I suppose for an 80 year old dude that's kinda like a Super Power of some sort. :)

If reality shows were like fairytales of sorts, Hef's show is one meant for the 50 to 60 year olds out there who can't accept the reality of going downhill in terms of Desirability. Or how about durability? :)

Good article, Fitness Diva.

Michelle Monday, March 23, 2009  

It's so easy to become fascinated with these stars. I am always trying to stay caught up and it's not easy lol

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