Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can You Spell 'Envy'?

Hot off the presses, this is the latest celebrity gossip, confirmed with an audio clip. Etta James has decided to have a bug up her ass because Beyonce' got to sing her song "At Last" at President Obama's Inauguration. I can somewhat understand her feeling a bit dissed; if i were the originator of the song, and still alive enough for you to wheel me up there to sing it, I would think it appropriate to at least ask me to sing my classic song that is still well known and used in pop culture to this very day.
However, I'm shocked and very dismayed at the comments Etta James made about Beyonce' about all this. The complete lack of maturity and class is just unbelievable. For her to even be speaking of 'beating somebody's ass' at her age, not only shows a lack of class, but pure jealousy and envy. Shame on you, Etta! A woman with your years show just know soooo much better. And, I'm sure that Beyonce has never said a bad word about this woman, and was probably very honored to get to play her in the movie.
These are some real sour grapes on the part of Miss James. Just listen!


Strongblkwmn Saturday, February 07, 2009  

I, like you, understood why Etta James would be upset but she messed it up with all of her ignorant comments. I was very disappointed.

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