Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring the Warm Weather Already! Brrrr!

Okay. I am SO over winter already! Weather here in New York has become unpredictable the past few years, and what should feel like winter feels like the fall, and what should feel like spring still feels like winter. Know what I mean?
Anyway, the past couple days have been COLD, and it's putting a cramp in my plans!

I used to want to live in Florida so badly because there it's warm most of the year (I imagine). I might still have to think about the Florida thing, because I'm definitely a warm weather baby! I crave the days when the sun beats so warmly that the only thing on your mind is finding the nearest beach or pool. Whenever I visit Florida, I swear, I feel right at home.

Hurry up already, spring! I'm waiting.....!


Da Old Man Wednesday, March 25, 2009  

Should be showing up today. Supposed to be in the 50's today and the rest of the week.



Strongblkwmn Thursday, March 26, 2009  

I'm sick of this weather too. I'm not crazy about hot weather, but I do love spring and the beginning of fall. I've had enough of all this cold.

Ms. O. D. Friday, March 27, 2009  

Today was really nice!

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