Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Am Offended By This Cheese!

Okay, I know you've all seen the ad by now, with this goofy, Flava Flavish homey in a clown pose with a stack of bills in his hand, "Chedda"

I was at first, like, this has got to be a joke. Well, in a way it is. It's a joke on anybody who forks over some money to get down with Chedda's "get free money from da man" program.
The ad offends me because it obviously has been targeted to appeal to a specific group, and strives to be just "street" enough and speak the language that it assumes that all low income, ethnic people speak. Street slang and ebonics. They also made sure to inject a few misspelled words into the ad copy.
It also speaks to lower level "hood" aspirations like having a "cool ride", a "blingin' $15,000 watch" "bein' a playa" and "hustlin". Gotta love the thought process behind this one!

To tell you the truth, I seriously doubt that "Chedda" wrote this ad at all. This is the brainchild of some non black internet scammer that has just found a new, and I must admit, clever way to get people to fork over some money, buying into the idea that they can be just like Chedda.... hell, he's not even going for a million or anything, the amount of money he's trying to get puts him squarely in the middle class. An attainable reachable aspiration, to say the least, and on that level, quite attractive to anyone that's scratching by to make a living at the moment.
In other words, if Chedda can get this money, so can you. Should be easy!
I swear, these internet marketers get trickier and savvier every day!
I wonder where the real "Chedda" is and how much he got paid to pose for these clown pics and participating in this whole "homey from the hood makes good" scenario they painted here.

What do you guy think about it? Think "Chedda" is for real? Here is some of the copy from his ad that's all over the internet right now. Tell me if you think this came from a geniune person and not just some savvy internet marketer.:

"Chedda's" Bling Blog
Written by Russel aka 'Chedda'

How I Hustled A $12,000 Check From The Government and got $5,000 a Month From the Man

Yo, my name is Chedda and I made this site to let my boys know how I went from being a broke-ass nigga to paying off all my debt and banking 5 gs a month by filling out some forms online.

My Quick Story:

In about 30 days I got a $12,000 check from the government which I never got to pay back, and started an banking a cool $5k a month with about 12 hours of work each week. No joke. All I did was fill out 2 forms online for free grants (government money):

Step 1: Free Grant Kit - Costs $1.99 for shipping.
Step 2: Government Grant Connect - Costs $3 for shipping.

It was pretty much a cakewalk. I got my grant money within 30 days and paid off all my debt, and between both of these sites I get like $5,000 a month from the government. The thing is, the government is all about giving away grant money to brothers and sisters, and most of them know nothing about it. All I did was sign up and pay for the shiping (like $5 bucks total for both of em) and they got back to me within a few days with their decision (this was the initial $12,000 check). It's like scholarships or something. Affirmative action, baby!

The Full Scoop

Note: I hate all those "get rich quick" schemes you see on TV where they tell you that you're going to make thousands on real estate investing or some other crap. Don't fall for that crap, it costs hundreds to get started and is usually a scam. The stuff I did here is all free to get started and took me a long time to research.

So over the past couple a years, I ended up running up a ton of debt (partying, girls, clothes, ya know) and didn't have a good job to pay this off. On top of that, I had my rent and car payment to worry about. I was working at Foot Locker making like $10 bucks an hour, so I needed to find a way to get some money.

I started to do some research and found out that a ton of government money is given to 'minorities' each year. The money can be pretty much used for whatever you want as long as you fill out all the info they need (your name and address, what you want to use the money for, any school you been to (i only finished high school)). I told them I wanted to start my own clothing line and needed to pay off my debts first and that was it. After a few weeks I got my first check and since then its been steady chedda for Chedda.

Step 1:
Get Your Free Grant Kit - This was the first site that I signed up for. It costs like $3 bucks in shipping to get started, but for real, for the amount I got back from this, it seems like a joke to me now. After getting this program, I was able to apply for thousands of grants that most people don't know about. It was really little trouble and I was amazed that more people didn't know about it. With just 1 application I was able to get a check for $12,000 which I will never have to pay back. It helped me:

Pay off my credit card debt
Pay for some new tattoos
Buy a new car with some 'shoes' (i posted a pic of it below)
Buy my girl a tiffany watch
Buy myself a $15,000 jacob timepiece

Here's a picture of the ride I got:

Step 2:

Get the Government Grant Connect - This is the second step that I took, and prolly more important than the first one. This second site is the one that distributes monthly government grant checks. The checks aren't as big as the first site, but this one comes every month so its pretty tight. Gotta keep that hustle on, ya heard? This is the money that I'm using to live day to day and hopefully get my clothing line, Chedda Threads, going. I'm gonna set up a Myspace page for the clothing line soon so I'll post that when I get it up. I think this site also costs a few bones to get started, but again, the paper you get makes it worth it. You can get yours here.

My Life Now:

Thanks to the cash I got from the government, Chedda be banging. I quit my job at Foot Locker and am working on setting up my clothing line with the $5 gees Im geting a month. I also, keep my girl pretty happy

So anyway, for any of you playas that want a piece of the pie, hit up the following sites:

Step 1: Free Grant Kit - $1.99 for shipping
Step 2: Government Grant Connect - $3 for shipping

Stay Hustlin,


And no, I'm not "knockin' some brother's hustle". Point is, I don't think this is done by a brother at all! And I wouldn't be happier if it was, either! It's STILL offensive!


JMom Friday, December 26, 2008  

scam!! I saw one the other day from a 'mommy blogger' who is now able to stay at home with her kids because she makes 5K a month.

Unfortunately, a lot of people probably fall for these scams. I have to admit, it took me a minute reading before I said, 'nah!'

The Fitness Diva Friday, December 26, 2008  

Yeah, if it really was that easy to stay home and make 5k a month, we'd all be doing it!

Unfortunately, so many are desperate to get out of debt or are sick of their jobs, so they give it a try...

The only one that makes money is the scammer! :(

Kevin in Manila Monday, December 29, 2008  

I've seen this article all over the 'net too. Quite ridiculous.

Strongblkwmn Saturday, January 10, 2009  

I'm sure Chedda doesn't exist. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous,  Sunday, February 21, 2010  

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